Good Bottle Refill Shop

The General Store Cooperative is home to New Jersey’s first refill shop!  Good Bottle Refill Shop offers an assortment of kitchen, bath and laundry products in a refillable option, eliminating the need for single use plastics. A variety of zero waste lifestyle products will also be available for purchase, and workshops will be held throughout the year. Good Bottle is owned by Deanna Taylor-Heacock, who is combining her years of retail experience and passion for low-waste living to bring this new concept to the Garden State.

A note from Deanna, owner of Good Bottle Refill Shop:


Like many of you, I was fed up with all the waste my family was producing. I wanted a more eco-friendly version of the products we so often used and threw out each month. I started becoming aware and concerned that the things we think are being recycled are actually ending up elsewhere. I started getting sick of heading out to a big box retailer to buy so many products each month. I was over spending on what I thought was convenience when in reality, a few simple sustainable changes would mean a big savings in time and money.

After changing many habits in our home, we just couldn’t figure out how to eliminate the single use plastic bottles we were going through each month. Researching ideas on reducing waste, I stumbled on the zero waste lifestyle and learned about refill shops across the country. Unfortunately there were no stores near me and the idea of Good Bottle was born.

Combining my years of retail experience and my passion for low waste living, Good Bottle is a unique shopping experience housed in the General Store Cooperative Cafe & Marketplace just 15 miles from New York City. As a busy mom of 2 kids I’m far from perfect when it comes to sustainable living and don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. There are however many small ways you can make a big difference. We open our doors in September 2019 and look forward to meeting you.

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